09 January 2009


I was browsing some the RENNTECH customer cars that have posted timeslips on Dragtimes (for those of you not "in the know", Dragtimes is THE resource for real-world performance numbers, with visitors from all over the world posting timeslips, videos, and photos of real cars, putting down real numbers) and stumbled across this fantastic picture of a RENNTECH-tuned S65 (w220) AMG Mercedes barreling through the 1/4 mile speed traps at almost 130 mph!

While we've been discussing this run for some time (the big S' timeslip shows that this epic run took place in late 2006) this is the first time I've seen this photo.

CLICK HERE to see RENNTECH's available w220 S class tuning products ... and if you can beat that 11.0, add it to Dragtimes!

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