19 February 2009


2009 marks two special birthdays: it is RENNTECH's 20th year in business and the G wagen's 30th year of production! As previously mentioned HERE, RENNTECH is celebrating its 20 years of tuning excellence with a series of extremely limited-production specials that set new industry standards for Mercedes-Benz performance tuning.

The concept shown makes use of a RENNTECH-tuned Mercedes-Benz CDI Diesel, which makes almost 400 lb-ft of torque in production tune. Final output TDB.

As with RENNTECH's GLK hybrid rally-racer and 777 SLR renderings, these were done by Platune Design.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

what a gorgeous concept.

will renntech ever consider producing a bodykit to turn a run of the mill G-Wagen into this? at least in terms of physical exterior wide body kit?